About Mael Nohara

Born in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward and raised in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, she grew up immersed in subcultures such as manga, anime and rock’n’roll music.

While working as a professional illustrator in Japan for various media including op-ed pieces and advertisings, she was active in group exhibit circuit and commercial art for a theater group, receiving numerous awards.

After moving to the United States in 2001, she started employing calligraphy techniques as she showed her works at Sci-Fi/fantasy/game conventions in and around US.

Her first solo exhibit took place in 2005 in New York.

Later, she switched from analogue paintings to digital using pen tablet in 2008, but continues her works in haunting fantasy-based portraitures that are both homage and her own creation.


  • 2011 JaNet Hall (with Yumiko Furukawa) (Manhattan, NY)
  • 2005 National Art Museum (Canberra, Australia, Conflux Art Show)
  • 2005 NYCOO Gallery : Solo Exhibition (Manhattan, NY)
  • 2005 ASFA Exhibition (Echo Gallery: Chicago, IL)
  • 2004 Fall Art Show, Zellner Gallery. (Wilton, CT)
  • 2004 Borders: Solo Exhibition (Wilton, CT)


  • 2005, 2004 Chesley Award Nominee
  • 2003 Conflux Best International Artist (Canberra, Australia)
  • 2003 AHA! Call for Art Expo Finalists
  • 2003 World Fantasy Convention 2003 (Best of Show: “Black and White”)
  • 2003 Best Fantasy Artist 2003 (Ad-Astra, Canada)
  • 2003 SONO Art Celebrate
  • 1998 HKDA DESIGN 98 SHOW grand-pries
  • 1996 Nika Exhibition Japan
  • 1995 Franco-Japon Hall Poster Biennale
  • 1994 N.Y. Art Directors Club International, Merit Bruno International Graphic Biennale

The work of Mael is bold in the style derived from Chinese Calligraphy with dynamic strokes and rich color scheme accentuated by extremely colorful arrangements inspired by the work of renowned illustrator, Antonio Lopez (1943-1987).

Also she is wielding a digital brush since 2008, produces ethereal portraits on her computer screen, where the glowing pixels flow like lava.

Her art leads the audience deep into her world with a lasting impact – it tells you a story, it pulls you into the depth of the characters that are not just passing by.

It evokes and wakes something in the mind of the audience and leaves footprints. The stories told in the form of Mael’s artwork will lead the viewers to feel something else – another story teller, that’s who she is.
You will find ‘something’ in her work that moves you.

Les Arcanes

The “Les Arcanes” series are Mael’s original artwork. It was originally created when she was in her teens and the world of “Les Arcanes” continues to expand over a quarter of a century.
Her artwork themes include ‘Magic’, ‘Angels’, ‘Devil’, ‘Vampires’, ‘Werewolves’ and much more based on the world of Arcana – accentuated by legends and mythology.
Secret worlds newly explored…